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Ever Feel Like You Just Don't Fit In?

Have you recently discovered you are autistic/ADHD or have a diagnosis of a Personality Disorder? Perhaps you are the parent or partner of someone who is or you suspect is autistic/ADHD and you feel overwhelmed.

Do you struggle with socialising and making friends or find your working environment a daily battle because it isn't set up for you?

I hear you! And I've been there! Having established autism and ADHD in adulthood and raising two children who are both neurodivergent; I know what it's like not to fit in and have the challenges that come with parenting autistic/ADHD children.

Talking about how you experience the world can alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression, general overwhelm and stress.  Freeing up space for more positive feelings to come forward, enabling you to feel less trapped/suffocated and prevent burnout. 


First steps

It can be a daunting task looking for a therapist who is right for you and it is important to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible. I always suggest we arrange a cuppa and a chat which can be done via zoom, or over the phone. This gives you a chance to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and assess whether I am the right therapist for you.​

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