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Looking for a Diagnosis?

Below are a few options that may work for you, these include free and private routes to go down. Always be mindful when seeking a diagnosis and research whom you go with. Some people prefer to go through a system run by neurodivergent people due to the level of understanding they have of what you may be experiencing. Many medical professionals still go by the very old, stereotyped system which means if you don't display behaviours that mimics a stereotypical autistic male child then you won't get a diagnosis. So do your research first.

Image by Juan Rojas


This provider is owned and run by mental health professionals and they are probably the cheapest private diagnosis you will come across with a diagnosis time from initial contact of no more than 8 weeks. More info can be found on their website if you click the link below, it will take you straight there.

You can also use this code JJ007 which will give you some discount off the 
overall price.


As you are probably aware, NHS wait times are around two years for a diagnosis which can cause alot of stress in the meantime, however, this option is free and can be accessed by contacting your GP and requesting a referral. 

Right to choose

You can choose to access a diagnosis through the 'right to choose' via the NHS so you can access it free or there is an option to pay privately. Current wait times are around 6 months.
Link to their site below.

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