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Hi, I'm Andi and here's a little bit about me, 

Prior to training as a therapist, I worked in an academic setting and have many years experience working with students aged 16+ and the issues they face, particularly the pressures of academic life.  As a therapist, I have experience of working with loss, bereavement, addiction, infertility, and feelings of being stuck.  Additionally, having grown up in another country, I am very aware of the challenges and isolation that adapting to a different culture can create.  I am passionate about supporting people to find greater self-acceptance and understanding of themselves.

I have found that I can support my own mental health by spending time in nature.  This is the best way for me to unwind, so I spend a lot of time in my garden or with my dog.  I am also never without a book (or three) to read.

Katie and I trained together and connected through our mutual love of animals and personal experiences of neurodivergence and I was delighted when she invited me to work alongside her at Sakura Therapeutic Counselling.  We both recognise the importance of looking after your mental and emotional health alongside all the other challenges that life brings.


Sometimes the hardest part of coping with life’s difficulties is having no one to talk to.  If you are experiencing anxiety, low mood, loneliness or generally feeling stuck and unhappy, it may help to talk things through with another person.  Perhaps you find it difficult to trust others or don’t know where to start.  That’s ok, I will sit alongside you and support you in processing, understanding yourself and untangling the challenges you are struggling with, even if you don’t know what they are.

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Hi, I'm Nikki, and I am really excited to offer my skills as a therapist through Sakura Therapeutic Counselling.


I am openly and proudly autistic, but this wasn't always the case - I had no idea until I was 36! When I received my diagnosis, I found myself having to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about my life until that point. It was confusing and overwhelming, and I found that working with a neurodivergent therapist really helped me through the process. For this reason, I am particularly passionate about supporting clients who are questioning neurodivergency or pursuing diagnosis in adulthood.


Since beginning my training in 2013, I have naturally grown into a relaxed, nurturing style which fosters connection and a sense of safety. I wholeheartedly believe in the capacity of each of us to grow and heal, and whilst it is ultimately our own journey to make, it is my privilege to be able to keep you company and perhaps point out the scenery. 


Self Care

When things feel a little overwhelming, I find EFT tapping a really quick and effective way to find a moment of calm. I also love being outside in nature, especially if there is a campfire involved.

Hi, I’m Joe. I am a very passionate advocate for mental health,

and strongly believe in exploring one’s own world and being provided with

the opportunity to have their story told should be at the forefront of mental health support.


My passion for mental health began when my family began fostering children in the care system when I was young. This experience helped me to realise the importance of counselling/psychotherapy, and how it can help us to unpack and understand the experiences that unknowingly impact us on a day to day.

This insight was what encouraged me to seek a career in counselling. My most recent foster brother stayed with my family for 10 years and received an ADHD diagnosis during his time with us, meaning I saw first-hand the advantages and difficulties that come with ADHD. It brings me immense pride to extend my lived experience with my foster brother into a counselling setting.

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Previously working within NHS and primary school settings, I have counselling experience working with neurodivergent clients of various ages,

who have struggled with issues such as loss, depression, and anxiety amongst others.


During my counselling training, I additionally worked as a Residential Childcare Worker for over 2 years, where I supported children in the care system, many of whom were autistic and/or ADHD. I welcome the opportunity to work with adults and young people aged 13+.



Self Care
When life gets too much for me, I find that dedicating some downtime to having a coffee and 
listening to my favourite music helps me a lot.


Hi, I'm Katie, I started Sakura Therapeutic Counselling shortly after completing my studies in the world of therapy. I have had a passion for supporting the mental and emotional health of others since my late teens/early adulthood and have dedicated my time to learn and understand the human personality and the dynamics that unfold between one person and another. I have a particular interest in the connection between emotional and physical health and the impact stress and trauma have, over time, on our bodies. 


Self Care

When life becomes a little overwhelming, I seek calm in my garden and connect to the outdoors.

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