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Imagine a World Where We Aren’t Judged.

Imagine a world where we aren’t judged.

Where our stories are listened to.

Where empathy is offered.

Where other people are able to help you untangle the mess, the trauma, the shame, and the guilt; without presumptions, assumptions, opinions, and disbelief.

Without tarnishing and exacerbating our distress and the distraught internal world within ourselves?

Imagine the people we turned to had the skills and knowledge to remove themselves from their own thoughts, feelings and judgments and truly sat in our world. Imagine how many people could grow, flourish, process, and understand themselves to be a more wholesome and grounded person.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we could all do the above.

Counselling is having someone who can do all of the above.

Counselling is where you learn, grow, process, accept and sit with someone who is congruent, who cares deeply, and who can truly hear and support you.

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