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What we Offer

We are a team of neuro-affriming therapists who have lived experience of neurodivergence. We are able to provide online counselling sessions over long or short-term periods making it possible to work around your needs and requirements.

There are also opportunities to join one of our therapeutic support groups, which can be a great way to help build connections whilst also learning and understanding more about yourself. Please contact me for more info regarding group work.

Therapy session


These sessions are 50 minutes, using a system called Telehealth. You do not need to do anything other than click the link to join your session. Online working is carried out in the same way face-to-face is, so please feel assured your sessions remain highly confidential. You do not need to live locally for us to work together remotely.

Session Fees


Online:           £55

Telephone:      £55

Family Interventions Therapy

Ever wonder why your family doesn't look like the picture-perfect family you see on insta? Well, you are not alone. Many families have regular conflict and unresolved trauma stuck within the family system. This unresolved trauma will keep resurfacing throughout your family's lifespan if left unchecked which can result in a divide or split. Certain members of the family are closer to others and some feel the need to separate themselves completely.

It doesn't have to be the way you continue. Working with someone who can help you untangle what is going on between you all can support you in communicating and building a strong, understanding system. 


If this is something you are looking for, please contact for more details.

Couples Counseling
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